Conflict resolution techniques marriage


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This is the time to let go of inconsequential things. Some topics cannot be resolved in a single session-even if the couple is non-aroused and working at their most efficient. In most cases this court is a mutually agreed upon objective person who will listen to both sides of the issue and make the final choice.

Conflict resolution techniques marriage

How this is negotiated will reflect the personalities of the two individuals. It is perfectly acceptable, in many cases desirable, to have paper and pencil handy and jot down ideas as the other person is talking. A common pattern is to determine shared leadership based on certain domains or areas of expertise.

Conflict resolution techniques marriage

Conflict resolution techniques marriage

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  1. For those who do set a satisfactory chain of command, in the few instances when it is necessary, the other partner accepts the decision of the leaser as meekly as a political candidate who has lost an election. When a person realizes that the objective is to listen without worrying about responding, it is surprising how easy it is to listen.

  2. This process is very time consuming in the beginning but well worth the investment. It is OK for her to speak during his presentation but only clarifying questions.

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