Condom girth sizes


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Erection-loss may also occur and orgasm may be difficult to achieve as the sensations of sex are not transferred correctly. This is because there is a big difference between something fitting, and it fitting comfortably. It fits snugly and securely without impacting performance, comfort, or pleasure.

Condom girth sizes

In , the FDA finally allowed for an expanded range of condom sizes to be tested. Both of these issues may result in unwanted pregnancy or STDs.

Condom girth sizes

Condom girth sizes

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  1. It may even fall off or break during use resulting in unwanted pregnancies or STDs! A study concluded that men wearing improperly fitting condoms had more difficulty with achieving an orgasm and maintaining an erection.

  2. Share on Pinterest Could making a better condom just mean making one that fits correctly? Wedel pointed out other studies about condoms that may shed some light on why that is.

  3. These include feeling too tight, lack of sensation, slippage, breakage, failure to keep an erection, and inability to orgasm. Company officials said their products are better suited for pleasure and protection than the standard condom.

  4. This is probably because you're using poorly fitting condoms!

  5. Whether or not custom-fitted condoms become the next breakthrough in sexual health and safe sex, remains to be seen.

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