Compatible signs for aquarius


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Passions quickly fizzle out with any talk of making this fling legit. If you're not up for a challenge, the Aquarius woman is better off looking for love with a more likely match. Although a bit of a long shot, this pairing can work if Aquarius is willing to share the spotlight and show a bit more affection and emotion.

Compatible signs for aquarius

Aquarius finds an intellectual and comedic equal in free-spirited Gemini and the initial stages of the relationship are filled with passion. This includes core values, life goals, social style and bedside manner. Making this match work is not impossible, but requires significant compromise on the part of the Aquarian.

Compatible signs for aquarius

Compatible signs for aquarius

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  1. They will delight in sharing a fulfilling sexual life, a full social calendar, and many adventures — especially of the intellectually stimulating variety.

  2. The least compatible signs with Aquarius are generally considered to be Taurus and Scorpio.

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