Comic con couples costume ideas


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Age of Ultron is high recommended! And if you want to DIY the Laura cosplay costume,here is a simple tutorial for you. According to their Instagram accounts though, the pair are currently gearing up to cosplay as DC Comics characters Aquaman and Mera for New York Comic-Con, so be sure to look out for them if you're attending the event.

Comic con couples costume ideas

Supergirl is supposed to come with Superman? Let us know in the comments! The elusive pair chose to recreate Jean and Cyclops' more classic get-ups from the '90s comics, with Jean-cosplayer wearing the character's recognizable yellow and dark blue catsuit and Cyclops-cosplayer created the illusion of a matching costume with light brown shorts over a blue morph suit.

Comic con couples costume ideas

Comic con couples costume ideas

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Age of Ultron is stagnant recommended. She's also my most if cosplay too. Comic con couples costume ideas

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