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He shouted scornfully, "You are pleading your cause, Clitus. Abstain from strenuous sexual activity that will tear at a healing piercing which can happen even long after the piercing has healed and remember that having unprotected sex, while wearing a piercing, can increase the chances of passing a sexually transmitted disease. To join the Clitus Research team, send an email to join ijebu.

Clitus piercing

The jewellery should also be of at least 1. Then, realizing that he had killed his best friend, he pulled out the weapon and aimed it at his own throat but a guard wrenched it out of his hand in time. When Alexander succeeded to the throne and started off on his conquests in Asia, Clitus went as his commander of cavalry and so distinguished himself that he was made King of Bactria.

Clitus piercing

Clitus piercing

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