Classical horsemanship


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We also travel to other barns in Northern Colorado. The Spanish Riding School exclusively uses Lipizzaner stallions for their work. The ultimate goal of dressage training is to develop a horse to its ability as an athlete:

Classical horsemanship

In classical dressage, movements are not an end in themselves, but they are gymnastic tools that make specific muscle groups stronger and more supple. Not what modern-day dressage has become. Soldiers trained to ride in the cavalry brought the classical techniques back to train their ranch horses.

Classical horsemanship

Classical horsemanship

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  1. Most adult humans I enrolled as students had physical and mental fear-based challenges. Dressage is fitness training and needs to be treated as such, with thought, compassion and patience.

  2. At the heart of Classical Dressage is the spirit of establishing a connection with the horse.

  3. Natural horsemanship developed from the classical French training methods used by the United States Army cavalry.

  4. The horse is a living, breathing, and FEELING being, and it is of the utmost importance, in the training, to connect with this essence. This origin also points out why, according to most Classical dressage trainers, every healthy horse, regardless of its breed , can perform classical dressage movements, including the Haute Ecole jumps, or Airs above the ground, even though it may perform them a little differently from the ideal performance due to the build of its body.

  5. Classical Dressage is not about the spectacular airs, such as the levade or capriole, or the piaffe and passage, however beautiful and inspiring those are.

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