Chopsticks glens falls


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Alas, there were no hot guy sightings per Miss Tam Chiak's blog. It looked really appetizing between the fresh, shredded green papaya, cherry tomatoes, and long beans but the assertiveness of the fish sauce, fish paste, and scorching heat of the tiny amount of Thai chilies was enough to make me cry.

Chopsticks glens falls

This was a legit stuff! Pad thai has never tasted the same since. You could even taste the bit of smoke and char from the wok.

Chopsticks glens falls

Chopsticks glens falls

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  1. Papaya and pineapples never tasted so good.

  2. Considered a "royal dish", it was almost too pretty to eat. The clean, clear broth was very welcomed after a few too many spicy dishes.

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