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Holland says she can't imagine how her eating disorder would have escalated if she had access to the Internet while growing up. You can follow famous thigh gaps yes, you read that right on Twitter, and there's a Facebook thigh gap fan page. But she knew without question what it meant.

Chive mind the gap

But she knew without question what it meant. She says she does not know of a body shape at its natural weight whose thighs would not touch. These "thinspiration" photos and memes that blanket social media can be one of the biggest challenges for people recovering from eating disorders, says Bonnie Brennan, a certified eating disorder specialist, who used to live in Boulder but now lives in Conifer.

Chive mind the gap

Chive mind the gap

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  1. The Chive has a viral photo gallery, "Mind the Gap," that glorifies pictures of women who are so thin that their thighs don't touch when they stand with their feet together.

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