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On Friday, Oct, 21, , Chicago's gay community turned out in force to attend the opening night of Center Stage, Chuck Renslow's new disco, located at N. It's important to recognize people for their contribution.

Chichester gay

It was just a shack really. Downtown, whatever your mood was you could find it, you had the Gold Coast, the Baton, Sundays, Redoubt, Jumbo Jerry's hot dog stand, and if you got bored with one place you could just bop over to somewhere else.

Chichester gay

Chichester gay

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  1. Cliff Vargas, however, started the Circus Vargas.

  2. We had Wanda Lust to make it fun, and she did her Nurse Lust routine, which is quite famous now, and we would go out twice a year for a week and bring the testing to the bars.

  3. You had a lot of fears, like touching glasses, people were afraid to talk to each other.

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