Chariot wheels in red sea


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Wyatt said that could have been where the waters parted and made the way for the Hebrews to cross. Wyatt died from cancer in The Bible records that a huge number of Hebrew slaves escaped the wrath of Egypt through the parted waters of the Red Sea.

Chariot wheels in red sea

Behind them came one of the most powerful armies in the world. They were heavily covered with coral.

Chariot wheels in red sea

Chariot wheels in red sea

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  1. Horse bones discovered in the Red Sea off Neweiba Beach.

  2. But carefully following the Biblical and historical records of the Exodus brings you to Nuweiba, a large beach in the Gulf of Aqaba , as Ron Wyatt discovered in Four, six and eight-spoked wheels were found in the Red Sea.

  3. An identical column was found on the opposite side of the Red Sea along the coast of the ancient land of Midian which is now Saudi Arabia.

  4. The land bridge provided by the Lord for His people, slopes gently down to almost feet before going back up to the other side!

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