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Practice the steps above to make creating a To Do List a habit. How much value do you attribute to the crumpled grocery list in your pocket?

Chalene johnson to do list

And, even more exciting — I add to it. Connect with a mentor, take the next step in achieving a goal, make a call you are afraid to make, sign up for that course, build the website, get started on your social media campaign — and then break these goals into small do-able steps that you can achieve today! So, do yourself a big favor, and keep your To Do List on your phone.

Chalene johnson to do list

Chalene johnson to do list

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  1. Carry your list with you at all times. I admire those who make their lists before bed.

  2. My push goal promise I made a promise to at least 2 people in my life that I will achieve my push goal at X date.

  3. If your To Do List is on sticky notes scattered around your office or throughout the house, you will feel scattered, too. Chalene recommend you go public on Facebook or other social media with your push goal, or at least tell a handful of people.

  4. What date would you like to achieve this?

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