Cd player ejects cd without playing


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Your guess was correct - after removing the cover and poking around in the guts, I was able to see that the mechanism that raises the disc off the tray was working fine, but the disc wasn't spinning and the laser assembly wasn't moving on its track. Turn off the DVD player.

Cd player ejects cd without playing

Plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet. I noticed that the main spindle that is supposed to lift into the center of the discs after the tray closes did not lift. I reinstalled the the rubber belt making sure that the kinks did not realign with the pulleys.

Cd player ejects cd without playing

Cd player ejects cd without playing

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  1. And the unit started functioning properly. I opened the unit and attempted to load a disc with the housing off.

  2. However, I also noticed that there is one black rubber drive belt that is visible when the housing is removed and that that belt looked a bit over-stretched.

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