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According to the EEOC, the union failed to represent the workers, resulting in a hostile work environment. That also is something that is s outlined in Cargill's policy surrounding workplace accommodations.

Cargill meat solutions colorado

That led to greatly increased diversity in the city's culture as the workers and their families settled into the community. Issues related to diversity came to the forefront in when Cargill workers walked out of the facility in protest of what they said was the company's failure to allow them short breaks for their daily Salah prayers, a set of prayers that are to be said five times a day according to their Muslim faith.

Cargill meat solutions colorado

Cargill meat solutions colorado

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  1. The company also plans to "continue to conduct mandatory training for all management and hourly personnel" at the Fort Morgan plant, including "explaining employee rights under Title VII to be free from discrimination based on their race, national origin, retaliation, and their right to be accommodated for their sincerely held religious beliefs," according to the EEOC. Eric Ishiwata, associate professor of ethnic studies at Colorado State University, the Cargill dispute provided an opportunity that motivated Fort Morgan residents to open up more methods of communication throughout the community.

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