Capricorn serial killers


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He was convicted due to his 33 murders and was sentenced to death for 12 of them. At that time this was the worst case of a serial killer in the American history. Recently, Jesperson's daughter Melissa Moore has opened up about her experiences and reached out to other relatives of serial killers.

Capricorn serial killers

To garner his own media coverage, Jesperson started writing letters to news outlets and prosecutors that took responsibility for the crime. Investigative journalist Kevin Sullivan told "Snapped:

Capricorn serial killers

Capricorn serial killers

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  1. Sagitarrius Ted Bundy has been described as one of the most cocky serial killers in history, and his own ego is what ended up giving detectives their first lead. Though he wouldn't be captured until , some believe Bundy could have stayed under police radar if he had been more careful during his abductions.

  2. Pisces February March 20 A water sign which is quite unpredictable when it comes to tricky situations, especially in situations when they lose their temper and the things gets intense.

  3. She was sentenced to 99 years of jail for killing a month-old baby and later was sentenced to a concurrent term of 60 years in prison for almost killing Ronaldo Santos with heparin.

  4. More While Cancer and Scorpio have long been stigmatized as the most sadistic signs in the zodiac, the truth is, everyone has a dark side. Just take Ted Bundy as an example, been to jail and escaped from there, escaped lockup and is responsible for the death of more than 30 victims.

  5. He kept the gun and used it in multiple murders, and he was ultimately captured in Ted was a kidnapper, burglar, rapist and a necrophile, assaulting and killing various women and girls and even though he only confessed 30 homicides, the real number of victims is still unknown.

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