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But they can be crude—even cruel—in their methods. Charming person like men, but they are frightened by her determined attitude, almost immediately declares her intention to get married. Purposeful Capricorn-Ox is subject to all areas of activity, for him there are no difficulties and obstacles.

Capricorn ox

Anything that can help them in progress. These Capricorns are always thinking ahead and planning their next move. If a Capricorn Ox finds a supportive and not too overly-sensitive partner, they will be appreciative, affectionate and protective towards them.

Capricorn ox

Capricorn ox

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  1. They can give up relationships altogether, but that will not make them happy. Advice for Capricorn-Ox Woman These people need to give up self-criticism and exactingness to other people.

  2. His loved ones will not need anything, they will not have to solve problems:

  3. Oxen-Capricorns were born to overcome obstacles, to inspire their example with bold experiments.

  4. Focused on the result, is smart and perceptive, so it finds available solutions to the problem.

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