Capricorn monkey


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Always benevolent and in a good mood, to see them in a bad mood is almost impossible. While this trait can be strongly tempered by other astrological influences including and especially their corresponding Western Zodiac sign , there is still a strong element of attention-seeking in all Monkeys.

Capricorn monkey

However, they are able to find the right approach to everyone, have a reputation for good, glorious people. Engineer, computer programmer, and city planner top the list of compatible careers for this sign, followed by careers such as geologist, physicist, and occupational therapist. You will need all the resourcefulness you can gather for this romantic experiment.

Capricorn monkey

Capricorn monkey

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  1. Monkeys born during the cycle of Libra are represented in Primal Astrology by the Axolotl.

  2. Because of this, few self-aware Woodpeckers will settle down and marry before their peers. Natural dexterity and ability to get out of any situation allows them to arrange a family life in the best way.

  3. Although I cannot say why, the combination of Capricorn-the austere and Monkey-the-problem-solver creates in its natives a queer brand of personal anguish.

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