Capricorn male aquarius woman


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Another thing that makes cupid strike the arrow is his intelligence and hardworking ability. His ultimate goal is to become powerful and successful, and this focus and perseverance, that he has, makes the Aquarius woman feel drawn like a magnet towards him, as she too shares these business-oriented qualities.

Capricorn male aquarius woman

When he meets her, he will see so much truth in her eyes that he immediately respects. If you share one of the two sides, perhaps AstrologyBay can help you get a clearer picture of where this union is heading. The difference between the water-bearing Aquarius which is a water sign and the Capricorn male, which is an earth sign, can be like black and white.

Capricorn male aquarius woman

Capricorn male aquarius woman

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  1. Romantic relationships may be the toughest. The Capricorn man isn't necessarily stodgy, but he may not be as pleased with going off the beaten path as an Aquarius might be.

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