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It is an absolute joy to be part of this beautiful program, and always warms my heart to see how patient, and wonderful the teachers are. I am so pleased that we found you Kinder Ballet, Thank-you! Contemporary Explore free movement that develops versatility and improvisation through a combination of several dance genres.

Canberra ballet

Each year students are selected to partake in examinations. Private Coaching Available on request subject to availability.

Canberra ballet

Canberra ballet

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  1. Canberra Festival Ballet School was first established in

  2. We also offer a varied range of classes to meet the needs of all our students. Our dedicated teaching faculty are committed to the individual development of the students, fostering a love of dance and musical theatre whilst developing the students' appreciation of the rigour and commitment required.

  3. I am so grateful for a program that encourages listening and following direction, but also leaves enough opportunity for freedom of expression, fun, and falling in love with dancing.

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