Can i marry a us citizen on a tourist visa


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The stakes are high. Additionally, when applying for a visa, a foreign national must not intentionally hide the fact that he or she has a U. If a person violates nonimmigrant status or files for a change of status or adjustment of status:

Can i marry a us citizen on a tourist visa

Many couples contemplating marriage believe that a foreign national fiance or fiancee can simply enter the United States on a tourist visa, get married, stay in the United States, and then adjust status to become a green card holder. But that doesn't mean this is a risk-free strategy. After 60 days, there is no presumption of misrepresentation arguably, the burden would shift to the government to prove there was any misrepresentation if it is alleged.

Can i marry a us citizen on a tourist visa

Can i marry a us citizen on a tourist visa

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  1. When a foreign national applies for a tourist visa or a student visa , or most other visas , the foreign national is seeking a visa that is temporary in nature and it is expected that the foreign national will leave the United States at the conclusion of the authorized stay.

  2. If a couple is asked by an immigration official whether such a relationship exists, and the couple fails to disclose it, the couple may be accused of making a misrepresentation to the immigration agency. Unfortunately, couples who decide to forgo the K-1 fiancee visa and K-3 spousal visa often find themselves in difficult circumstances when they apply for adjustment of status to become lawful permanent residents green card holders.

  3. Are you allowed to stay in the U.

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