Can big age gap relationships work


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Neither study, however, was able to ascertain the reasons why large age gap relationships correlated to initially high but rapidly declining satisfaction and eventual divorce. Throughout the course of the study, though, another interesting trend emerged:

Can big age gap relationships work

Compromise, communication, and creativity are key in making an age gap relationship work. She is 10 years his senior Getty Put more simply, about one in five married Americans surveyed had a spouse more than five years older or younger than themselves.

Can big age gap relationships work

Can big age gap relationships work

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  1. Some of us may be able to relate to this sentiment, even if there is no age gap in our relationship.

  2. As the authors of the study noted, women also report more satisfaction with younger husbands compared to older ones. Perhaps if one partner loves country music and other likes Frank Sinatra, they can explore a different kind of music that they can enjoy together.

  3. If your older SO is constantly trying to throw you under the bus especially in front of other people , it may be a sign of a deeper issue. You may be judged Every couple has a characteristic that makes them susceptible to judgment.

  4. They will be stereotyped, judged and questioned about their relationship.

  5. Those with a five-year difference in ages were 18 percent more likely to to split up.

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