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One of the best parts of each day at camp is the daily chapel. The last time I saw him was in , at camp the summer before we moved west to Washington. Despite not seeing many of those men for the better part of 15 years I was welcomed with open arms and hearty hugs.

Camp onaway

I know that my son, who will be in sixth grade in the fall, is already thinking about going there next summer. I remember when I returned to Onaway after my 15 year absence Chrome was one of the first to see me and he came running to greet me with the biggest, most heartfelt hug. I funny guy with a heart as big as the ocean.

Camp onaway

Camp onaway

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  1. As a young camper, I loved being around these guys each summer.

  2. I did know his real name and I did see him a few times outside of camp when I was still living in Wisconsin.

  3. For one week, those guys were my family.

  4. There were lots of new faces among the leaders there but there were plenty of guys who had been so integral to my development as a young man.

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