C 130 angel flares


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The aircraft would then pull away at a sharp angle from the flare and the terminal trajectory of the missile and reduce engine power in attempt to cool the thermal signature. There is a wide variety of calibres and shapes available for aerial decoy flares.

C 130 angel flares

While research and development in flare technology has produced an IR signature on the same wavelength as hot engine exhaust, modern flares still produce a notably and immutably different UV signature than an aircraft engine burning kerosene jet-fuel. In addition to spectral discrimination, the CCMs can include trajectory discrimination and detection of size of the radiation source.

C 130 angel flares

C 130 angel flares

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  1. The trajectory can be also influenced by tailoring the aerodynamic properties of the ejected containers. PPI 26 IW Pyrotechnic flares[ edit ] Pyrotechnic flares use a slow-burning fuel-oxidizer mixture that generates intense heat.

  2. These compositions can avoid the metal content and achieve cleaner burning without the prominent smoke trail. In most cases, pilots have to rely on their wingmen to spot the missile's smoke trail and alert them.

  3. Indeed almost all of the UK's helicopters, whether they are transport or attack models, are equipped with flare dispenser or missile approach warning systems.

  4. Highly flammable payloads[ edit ] These payloads contain red phosphorus as an energetic filler. IR missiles seek out the hotter flame, believing it to be an aircraft in afterburner or the beginning of the engine's exhaust source.

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