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She still brought out the wings before our entrees arrived so we could enjoy the wings as an appetizer! They have a very hearty salsa at BWW! The coolness of the ranch dressing on the side balanced with the spicy chicken very well.

Bww janesville

We had a very enjoyable experience and would definitely return and recommend! We all enjoyed our entrees also, and those were out quickly also. The waitress let us in on a little "secret" that it is actually cheaper to order the wings as a meal and get French fries served with them!

Bww janesville

Bww janesville

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  1. As we reach out to more and more fans with changing and varied tastes, the HOH Team is instrumental in making exciting menu items craveable and contribute to what we believe is the highest calling of all -- delivering the ULTIMATE food experience for sports fans! It was a nicely filled wrap, and I was full after finishing it.

  2. The coolness of the ranch dressing on the side balanced with the spicy chicken very well. We were glad that she pointed that out to us, as it saved us money on our bill.

  3. Your personality and commitment to create something a little different for everyone plus Buffalo Wild Wing's amazing offerings in Wings, Beer, and Sports equals total awesomeness. The restaurant did not seem overly busy yet, so it was nice to get quick service.

  4. She brought out our soft drinks in a timely manner.

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