Bullmastiff las vegas


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Her neighborhood says this will be tough to get over. In late , the New York City municipal shelter allowed a rescue to "pull" a death row pit bull, which killed its new adopter.

Bullmastiff las vegas

The victim's family recently started a GoFundMe page. He tells us Monday night he witnessed several police cars parked on the street and Sweeney's family members grieving.

Bullmastiff las vegas

Bullmastiff las vegas

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  1. Sweeney leaves behind two children and a husband of 26 years, states the page. Both of my children were raised with these giant dogs.

  2. The 3-year old male mastiff-mix was adopted to the family three days earlier by The Animal Foundation, which claims to be the "highest volume single-site animal shelter in America," on their website. Unfortunately, it truly is a "life or death" decision every adopter accepts -- knowingly or not -- when adopting a dangerous dog breed from a public shelter today.

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