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Once you are done with creating a new profile on Facebook, you have to change the settings in Tinder as well so that it gets disconnected from your old account. While we're talking about dating apps, MTV's new original series "Eye Candy" shows what happens when a Tinder-like dating app called Flirtual gets a little too creepy. Every Tinder user worries about meeting up with someone who looks totally normal in their profile but who's actually batsh-t insane IRL.

Browse tinder anonymously

You're with your friends. What will they think when they see your face on Tinder?

Browse tinder anonymously

Browse tinder anonymously

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  1. Why should you keep Tinder and Facebook separate? Or access it via Settings and then Apps.

  2. To keep things as broad as possible, we left out apps that are based solely on religion sup, JSwipe or on sexual orientation oh hey there, Grindr.

  3. Make sure the profile looks authentic and have some general info and a couple of photographs on your new Facebook account. The website has a strange habit of changing them every now and then.

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