Boric acid powder for bed bugs


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He is based in Camarillo, California. But, for managing bed bugs, methods to induce ingestion of boric acid will need to be devised. Simple exposure only to the dust showed a 33 percent mortality rate among bed bugs after 14 days of observation.

Boric acid powder for bed bugs

However, external contact with high concentrations of boric acid dust did not have a significant effect on bed bugs. As for the use of boric acid in dust applications, though, the study shows such efforts are likely to be minimally effective against bed bugs.

Boric acid powder for bed bugs

Boric acid powder for bed bugs

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  1. It works to suffocate and kill the bed bugs.

  2. Fumigators only target the bed bugs that are out of their hiding places and exposed — which is only a small minority of the bed bug infestation.

  3. Leave it for a week.

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