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Research has shown that more than 85 percent of athletes who had surgery to repair a torn peroneal tendon were able to return to full sporting activity within three months after the procedure. After spending decades working your way up the ladder, quitting can almost feel unnatural. Traveling Those who spent several years working long hours and sacrificing vacation time are certainly making up for lost time now.

Boomers avondale

After spending decades working your way up the ladder, quitting can almost feel unnatural. Get your ankles checked for chronic instability caused by sprains and other injuries that might not have healed properly years ago.

Boomers avondale

Boomers avondale

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  1. It is estimated that one in four sports injuries involves the foot or ankle, and a majority of them occur from incomplete rehabilitation of earlier injuries. Learn more about the next generation of retirees in our free guide, Aging in Place:

  2. Please call our office at to schedule an appointment to discuss further treatment options including orthotics and physical therapy.

  3. Important Contacts Appointment Scheduling info phxfoot. From the way they save and plan, to the activities they enjoy during their retired years, everything is changing.

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