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They all utilise popping skills, which they of course got from Michael Jackson. It was kind of sad for me, as here was a guy who was just trying to provide for his family.

Boogaloo shrimp

Oh, yeah, you had to, so that when you were hanging out on the Sunset Strip and battling somebody you could defend your name and your street cred. I think people were amazed at how humble I was, because I just wanted to be a regular guy. You also worked with Paula Abdul on her groundbreaking music video Opposites Attract… Yes, I auditioned for that video as they were looking for an animated dancer.

Boogaloo shrimp

Boogaloo shrimp

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  1. This was before the movies, and they were two dancers I had met on the scene. It was a bit overwhelming for people, as in their eyes I was supposed to be in Hollywood.

  2. I got a call from my agent in that Michael Flatley, from Lord of the Dance, requested a practice session with me. The now year-old married father of one has also experienced rough times in his personal life, due to his first wife and mother of his now 17 year-old son, being murdered in a robbery in

  3. But the real sign for mewas when my older brother took me to go and perform on this beach pier with a boom box and a bucket. In popular culture[ edit ].

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