Bonaparte syndrome


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In he was mocked in British newspapers as a short-tempered small man. This phenomenon has been subjected to cost-benefit analyses that indicate the conditions under which such seemingly maladaptive behavior is most likely to be selected. It is believed that the confusion stems from miscalculations caused by the difference in English and French measuring units, and from the fact that Napoleon was often portrayed alongside his guards — who were all taller than average.

Bonaparte syndrome

Heart monitors revealed that the taller men were more likely to lose their tempers and hit back. This is the theory postulated by research from Ohio University in which psychologists suggest that larger combatants delay actual combat as much as possible in the hope that the smaller party will recognize the odds are stacked against them and back down.

Bonaparte syndrome

Bonaparte syndrome

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  1. This novel application may therefore not revive the Napoleon complex as a technical term in the social sciences.

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