Board games for married couples


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Always love hearing there opinions on games and they are definitely one of my favourite reviewers. The production quality it good and I have no problems. November 27, by Boss from United States This is a fun, light hearted podcast about board games but it still gives great content.

Board games for married couples

Great discussions of board games every week May 3, by AnitraSmith from United States The format is longer than I prefer, but it feels like I'm sitting at the table with Spencer and Lara as they discuss everything pertaining to board games. The goal of Mainframe is to control territory on the board.

Board games for married couples

Board games for married couples

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  1. They treat the hobby and more important each other with kindness. Each side tries to take over as much territory as possible, with the goal of earning 10 victory points.

  2. Love it and love you guys! Thanks for helping us out guys!

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