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Purchase Guarantee on All Locators Locators are only as effective as they are reliable. They can last for up to one year which is far longer than any of our competitors, and the batteries are capable of being changed unlike most other locators on the market. Start Protecting Your Property Today We have a range of packages and items available for purchase at competitive prices.


Our apps also feature other important personal security features. At BlaqWolf we know that these moments happen more frequently than any of us would like. Our locators give you the opportunity to stay one step ahead of any thieves that would take those items from you.



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  1. If for any reason your pet goes beyond that barrier you will receive an instant SMS notification and you will be able to investigate further while tracking your pet. Purchase Guarantee on All Locators Locators are only as effective as they are reliable.

  2. Our Bluetooth locators were built with the express purpose of helping in these stressful moments.

  3. This means that you can get started straight away to protect the things that are important to you. If your locator goes out of range you can rely upon the power and scale of the BlaqWolf pack to support you.

  4. We know that they can be rough with their collars and find themselves in wet conditions but our locators can handle those situations without a problem. This means you can track the exact location with perfect accuracy and find your loved ones wherever they are.

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