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If BMI eligibility was confirmed, consent and assent forms were reviewed with the parent and child and signed. An important next step is to build upon the existing knowledge-base by developing cost-effective approaches to obesity prevention that leverage opportunities of direct access to families in the pediatric primary care setting, overcome barriers to implementation in busy practice settings, and facilitate sustained parent involvement. The study goal is to evaluate the efficacy of a relatively low-cost primary care-based obesity prevention intervention aimed at 5 to 10 year old children who are at risk for obesity that combined a brief counseling session with a pediatric primary care provider with follow up telephone coaching with parents.

Blank snowboards sherwood park

Families were recruited and randomized through a multi-step process coordinated between the research study staff and the participating clinics. Detailed information about baseline data collected following informed consent and assent is provided in the Measures section below.

Blank snowboards sherwood park

Blank snowboards sherwood park

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