Bisexual vacation


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As I went to my desk thinking about being on stage the speakers filled my office with thousands of people cheering and clapping at the Central Park Concert. Spain legalized same-sex marriage back in , so the country has been at the forefront of progressing our rights for years.

Bisexual vacation

Similar to Iceland, Amsterdam also has an online hub for lesbian and bi women to plan our vacation called Pink Point. He wanted to make the connections clear so his community would come and join the march. After all I had been a producer and I understood the situation they were in, however editing my speech to two minutes was completely out of the question.

Bisexual vacation

Bisexual vacation

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  1. The city has no shortage of gayborhoods, lesbian bars, and diverse, casual neighborhoods for strolling and shopping.

  2. One of the Co-Chairs told me that they were asking everyone to shorten their time to two minutes in order to get everyone who was scheduled onto the stage.

  3. Who would have guessed that we would have secured national recognition less than two years later?

  4. Everyone was looking for an angle on this civil rights march. It mentioned I had been a housewife and activist in the 60s, a public lesbian mother in the 70s and an out of the closet bisexual since

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