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Didion is famously a nervous wreck in The White Album, she literally includes her psychiatric evaluation in one essay who is also deeply unafraid to call bullshit on anything. But of course, because Big Bird refuses to conform, they are ignored, mocked, treated as a joke.

Big cockc

I rest my damn case. Every Olympic figure skater This is self-evident I believe.

Big cockc

Big cockc

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  1. This queen did it all: Their long history of activism is erased.

  2. I was more than content to enjoy the few days in which picturing the dicks of famous people would be culturally sanctioned, when suddenly, everything changed—as it is wont to do—at a dinner with the gays. This, in turn, set off the investigation that would eventually land him in prison on charges of sodomy.

  3. Of course the media fawns over thin, cisgender, assimilationist gays who live together in an apartment and maintain a monogamous relationship. That is Big Hole Energy.

  4. Oprah has been through the fires of hell and has arrived on the other side better, stronger, and with a garden of gorgeous vegetables.

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