Best score in spider solitaire


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A stock of 13 would not be discarded if all the cards are not of same suit. I do not select the hands I play. Can anyone tell me why or a present a maybe why?

Best score in spider solitaire

I would really like to understand this. Object of Game To remove all the cards by building a suit of 13 cards in ascending order from King to Ace in the least number of moves as possible.

Best score in spider solitaire

Best score in spider solitaire

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  1. At any point your moves and your score will equal points plus point for any suit stack completed.

  2. The game comes in three versions: The order of building a 13 pack suit is:

  3. The entire 54 card are spades which game very easy. You begin with points and points are deducted for each move or undo you play.

  4. Set of two cards of different suits.

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