Best love stories in history


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Even when he was President of the United States, they were often spotted being affectionate and doting, both in person and in letters to one another. Antony stabbed himself with his sword after mistakenly hearing that Cleopatra had already done the same. He is completely devastated.

Best love stories in history

Marie and Pierre Curie This is a story about partners in love and science. Unable to continue her studies in Poland because universities did not admit women, Maria Sklodowska Curie traveled to Paris in to attend the Sorbonne. It is unsure how the couple met but it is thought that it was love at a first sight.

Best love stories in history

Best love stories in history

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  1. Theirs was a selfless love and they made sure that even in death, they were together. Orpheus fell deeply in love with and married Eurydice, a beautiful nymph.

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