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There are no lessons to be learned from this film. Emotions can get the better of us and we can spend days feeling like a damp sock, without much promise of ever cheering up again.

Best cheer up movies

For the five saddest films that we think are the ultimate in making us shed a tear or two, check out our Top 5 Tearjerkers. What he finds on this ridiculous journey is that there are few things more important than comedy.

Best cheer up movies

Best cheer up movies

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  1. Furthermore, this movie is inspiring. It is funny, sweet and the best motivation money can buy.

  2. In no other movie will you find Vince Vaughn playing a dodgeball game whilst wearing a leather choker. School of Rock A modern classic.

  3. However, there are some scenes that make up for the few that miss the mark. Somehow, this movie can cure even the most sullen of moods with the power of rock and roll.

  4. Stay indoors and watch one of these 25 films absolutely guaranteed to cheer you up.

  5. With a plot that is so far fetched you can hardly believe it is true, this movie is brilliant at taking your mind off of things. It is weird, random and genuinely really funny, and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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