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Best arabic house mix

We will not scrutinize too heavily, but if a track is clearly not even in the realm, then it will be removed. I put it below the main part of the image, now.

Best arabic house mix

Best arabic house mix

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  1. Please do not injure yourself or destroy anything valuable when grooving to submitted music.

  2. Most DJs that I know are "protective" of their music sets, and one way of doing it is to add short announcements to their mixes. I quit after the second time I had to hear the announcement.

  3. Please do not injure yourself or destroy anything valuable when grooving to submitted music. Movies and series are frequently interrupted by commercials.

  4. We understand that Deep House has its roots, but this subreddit will not be specific to only that old school classic sound. That is how I live with it.

  5. Best of Deephouse - Apple Playlist.

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