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We're all homophobic here because it's not natural. His assailant was a Muslim immigrant, Azedine Berkane, who reportedly told police that "he hated politicians, the Socialist Party, and homosexuals.

Bertrand gay

He was first elected to the Paris city council in In the aftermath of the defeat in his Olympic bid, he accused British prime minister Tony Blair of unduly influencing the result in order to secure the games in London.

Bertrand gay

Bertrand gay

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  1. His predecessors were Jean Tiberi — , and Jacques Chirac —95 , who resigned after 18 years as mayor when he was elected president of the French Republic. The newspaper later admitted that the letter, which had been sent by email, had not been properly verified, and was a fake.

  2. However, in early April, , he failed to keep a scheduled appointment with his doctors, and has not been seen since.

  3. The program has been enormously successful despite the fact that it still has a few logistical problems to be worked out.

  4. In , he was elected to the French Senate , where he was secretary of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense.

  5. However, this plan suffered a setback in November when he lost the race for the party leadership to Lille mayor Martine Aubry. He was first elected to the Paris city council in

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