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At the end of the evening we waited about 20 minutes after they removed the last of our dishes, to get their attention AGAIN to show us a dessert menu. Benzai prepares to fight them off though he is forced to draw back at Fushimi's orders.


While on a freeway, they surround a pickup truck and investigate the cargo in the back. Later on, Benzai listens as Captain Munakata explains his reasons for wanting to contact Weismann despite the fact that their actions will be against Protocol



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  1. However, he cannot find anyone who would bear any connection to Yashiro.

  2. During which, he eventually reports that the Clansmen supposed to have been operating the vehicle have been found in a hanger at the airport, furthermore with no memory of even flying their helicopter after boarding it. However, he cannot find anyone who would bear any connection to Yashiro.

  3. He reports this information to Fushimi and continues working.

  4. Unfortunately, they fail to complete their task and Mikoto ends up leaving the area with several members of HOMRA , who have arrived to accompany him back home. He reports this information to Fushimi and continues working.

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