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Heavy Ben Wa Balls are excellent for pelvic muscle strengthening, but going too heavy on your first time will not be comfortable for you. They feel fantastic and the extra weight adds to the naughty pleasure, especially if you are using them while walking outside.

Ben wa balls best

These Kegel Balls are excellent for continuing your training of the pelvic floor muscles, once you have gotten used to the sensations of the first single ball. It feels silky smooth to the touch and when the balls are inserted, they feel very cozy. Thirdly, while the price on these is cheap, you only get one pair of Ben Wa Balls.

Ben wa balls best

Ben wa balls best

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  1. Learn more about these Duotone balls… Kegel Balls Kegel balls are often coated with a layer of silicone and more rigid than Duotone balls making them more ideal for kegel exercises. I have even given one set of these to my grandmother, who was telling me the other day that when she sneezes or coughs, she often has leaking problems.

  2. They are effective at building the pelvic muscles, but the instructions included are not easy to understand and the range of weights will not fit everyone.

  3. All of the Kegel Balls are made of medical-grade silicone. When you push them against your G-spot and turn on the vibrations, you will be left with knee-shaking orgasms, guaranteed.

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