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Brought to you by Tacoma News Tribune. This isn't one of those "bargain" pizza buffets.

Belleville dealsaver

Buy your dealsaver today and redeem within four months of purchase. They kept our table cleared of used dishes, and asked if we needed anything. So, I would say the service was just right.

Belleville dealsaver

Belleville dealsaver

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  1. This isn't one of those "bargain" pizza buffets. When the fresh pizzas came out, we thoroughly enjoyed them.

  2. Buy your dealsaver today and redeem within four months of purchase. Dessert gave the choice of brownies, hot cherry cobbler and peach cobbler.

  3. We went back a week or so later, with another couple. All were very good.

  4. We went back a week or so later, with another couple. For customer service, go to www.

  5. We tried some of the other slices that were already out. We thought this restaurant had just opened, because everything was immaculate.

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