Being a good looking guy is a curse


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I shoot a lot of fetish work. In education, for instance, Walker and Frevert found a wealth of research showing that better looking students, at school and university, tend to be judged by teachers as being more competent and intelligent — and that was reflected in the grades they gave them. This tends to put you in close contact with the photographers and producers with whom you shoot.

Being a good looking guy is a curse

Superficially, this seems insightful: Examples could include a lack of chemistry.

Being a good looking guy is a curse

Being a good looking guy is a curse

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  1. I suppose I could change my career, but why would I?

  2. This bear-trap is the curse of handsomeness. However, my career can make it exceptionally difficult to find a relationship because people tend to be either overly titilated by what I do for a living or overly threatened by it.

  3. H e did all the things this Bustle article said meant he was crazy about me!

  4. According to the available evidence, the bubble is a reality. Frevert and Walker are keen to emphasise that like our conceptions of beauty itself, these influences are superficial and by no means deep-rooted in our biology, as some might suggest.

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