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Sources of funding also were vague. This page is updated as often as the movie schedules change, and it even follows the daily changes occurring around Christmas.

Bedfordonline com

Like many of you, I spend many hours each week at my computer. This belief and the desire to organize and present such opportunities in an appealing form have sparked the development of the Bedford On-Line Magazine. This has enabled us to expand our local business listings as well as update each of the six main feature sections on a weekly basis.

Bedfordonline com

Bedfordonline com

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  1. Before we included a church page, one person wrote that he was coming to Spring Mill State Park for a week, and he wondered about worship times in a Catholic church.

  2. However, there was still an effort to create a web site for the community. We try to encourage the sources to set up and maintain their own web pages by the way, did I mention that we also design and implement web sites for a reasonable fee?

  3. Now there is very little chance of our service being interrupted for even a minute out of every 24 hours!

  4. But we regularly receive e-mail from people outside our area, asking questions about the community or just thanking us for providing the information.

  5. We strive to be the central point for anyone seeking information about this area, which includes Bedford, Lawrence County, and nearby cities.

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