Beauty lies within tattoo


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Some of my easiest and most beautiful heals have been the result of slathering my skin with plant based oils and other natural moisturizers. Available at Whole Foods in Canada there are other products with similar ingredients on the market, I just happen to use this one.

Beauty lies within tattoo

Developed specifically for tattooing, the consistency is smooth and easy to apply. Grape seed oil makes an excellent moisturizer for healing a fresh tattoo since it is light, gentle, and easily absorbed.

Beauty lies within tattoo

Beauty lies within tattoo

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  1. When choosing an aftercare product it is important to remember that everyone's skin is different; something that works well for one skin type may not be as effective for another.

  2. After all, if a laser is challenged, what can a cream achieve? Some of my easiest and most beautiful heals have been the result of slathering my skin with plant based oils and other natural moisturizers.

  3. In , Pamela Anderson got her infamous inking because she was starring in the film Barbed Wire and liked the make-up version that was applied for filming. Slightly more of an intensive moisturizer, this one might work best on dry skin.

  4. Xoxo Alexis Katie doing her thing! Statistics show a per cent increase in revenues from removal procedures in the past decade , with 39 per cent of adults surveyed regretting their ink.

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