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Nestor Lacle Even the meals are adventurous in Ecuador. Discover New Almuerzos Closer to home, many expats enjoy discovering new almuerzos. For the most part, the simple truth is that we do pretty much the same things that retirees do anywhere in our day-to-day life.

Beautiful ecuadorians

If you are an avid hiker or backpacker, Ecuador can offer you many challenging places to explore. The quaint town is an ideal home base for hiking, mountain biking and exploring the surrounding mountains.

Beautiful ecuadorians

Beautiful ecuadorians

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  1. This special guide covers real estate, retirement and more in Ecuador and is yours free when you sign up for our postcards below.

  2. People have been living in this diverse and fertile land for over 10, years. Shop the Artisanal Mercados Ecuador has a rich, multi-cultural heritage.

  3. They also have a positive outlook on life, , preferring to see the glass as half full and attempting to make the best of any situation. But with the mild weather, expats find that they end up spending much more of their time walking than they ever have before.

  4. Ecuador has a land area of , km2 , sq.

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