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These birds rose into the air in a fairly dense formation and wheeled south across the runway just as the HS became airborne. Shortly before it came to a stop the commander closed the high pressure fuel cocks.


These birds rose into the air in a fairly dense formation and wheeled south across the runway just as the HS became airborne. At the moment the aircraft started to roll eye-witnesses saw a large flock of birds rise from the grass verge north of and towards the eastern end of the runway, apparently having been disturbed by an incoming Harrier aircraft as it taxied west along the perimeter track after landing.



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  1. Other witnesses noticed a second bird flock rise from the centre of the aerodrome at the same time and fly north.

  2. Some witnesses also saw birds falling away from the aircraft, and after the accident the remains of 11 dead birds identified as Lapwings Vanellus vanellus were found at a point about 1, metres from the commencement of the runway, i.

  3. The largest of the dead birds weighed g and had a wingspan of 61cm.

  4. These birds rose into the air in a fairly dense formation and wheeled south across the runway just as the HS became airborne.

  5. The aircraft touched down on the mainwheels about metres before the end of the runway at a speed the commander estimated as approximately knots; after lowering the nosewheel onto the ground he applied full wheel brakes which he maintained throughout the whole of the landing run. Noticing light behind him the commander assumed the aircraft was on fire and ordered an immediate evacuation; the forward entry door was opened when the aircraft came to a stop and all nine occupants safely evacuated it before the fire spread.

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