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The first blast was scheduled for Sept. The United States has reduced its nuclear stockpile considerably, to about 10, warheads, and Britain and France have also reduced their stockpiles. Further, North Korea claims to have detonated a nuclear bomb in , though some claim this small explosion was not really a successful nuclear test.

Baxterville ms

Geologically, the area was called the Tatum Salt Dome, a vast supply of dense salt located about 1, feet below ground level. Most residents later reported that the shock of the explosion was much stronger than they had been led to believe.

Baxterville ms

Baxterville ms

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  1. Many people will argue that nuclear weapons are an important part of a diversified defense strategy for the nations that possess them, while others believe that nuclear weapons make the world a very unsafe place, with the potential to wreak tremendous harm to the environment and to end human society as we know it.

  2. Nuclear scientists investigated several potential test sites in Mississippi, but finally selected a site just north of Baxterville in Lamar County, about 28 miles southwest of Hattiesburg. Most residents later reported that the shock of the explosion was much stronger than they had been led to believe.

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