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Our facility is sq. She recently committed to a school in the Southern States and without a doubt it was the instruction she received at Peak coupled with her desire to reach this goal.

Batting cages guelph

Her performance on the field as well as her coachability is a direct result of the superior coaching she received at Peak Performance. Continued success to PPA and thank you for all of the success you have brought to me personally, my coaching staff and especially the players that you have trained over the years. The promise is that a player will get as much out of the lessons as s he is willing to put the attitude and effort into each lesson.

Batting cages guelph

Batting cages guelph

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  1. Our Instructors are all ex college athletes and provide our clients with the latest in training techniques and information.

  2. If your looking to get back in to shape or are looking to lose a few pounds, then check out our Personal training area.

  3. Our daughter has worked with Cortney for the past 7 years and we cannot emphasize enough how invaluable her coaching has been. He has also embarked in over 8 years of instructing and coaching after playing.

  4. If your looking to get back in to shape or are looking to lose a few pounds, then check out our Personal training area. We are very impressed by her vast knowledge of the game and that she constantly networks with colleagues to learn the latest information and techniques.

  5. Our facility is sq.

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