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Toilets Banks of our amazing, odour-free, eco-friendly composting toilets are provided around the campground, plaza and concert areas. Bins are provided for female sanitary.


Bring your own firewood supply as collection on the surrounding property is prohibited. Please bring your own. No animals, except dogs, anywhere on site.



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  1. Fire Separation To prevent the risk of a fire spreading, you must place all structures at least 1 metre from the marked back and side boundaries of your campsite, and guy ropes can protrude another 40cm.

  2. Anyone who is intoxicated and causing a nuisance will be removed from the venue. Metal cutlery including cheese knives Umbrellas Tables, sunshades, tents or anything that will obstruct views of the stage Aerosols There will be bag checks as you enter the concert area and prohibited items will be confiscated.

  3. Water There is no running water available on site.

  4. Recycling Aluminium can recycling bins will be available in the plaza and concert area. Campfires Camp fires are permitted.

  5. Showers There are no showers at the Bashville campsite. Media Bashville Site Rules Everyone on site must follow the rules below.

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